Saturday, 15 October 2011

"Do you know these thieves?"

Hi everyone!
I have created these faces in Ultimate Flash Face . In it, you can choose  than more 1000 elements for male and female.
Now, I am going to describe the two faces that I have created.
The first one is a man. His name is Peter Brown, he is wanted by the police because he holded up some banks and a lot of famous jewelers and homes of famous people. He is a very dangerous man, even killed two security guards. He is the most dangerous thief in England.
He has got balding hair, black eyebrows and fair skin. His eyes are brown and he has got a big mouth and a brown moustache. Sometimes he has got glasses.
He is very tall, he is the tallest man I saw.
The second one is a woman, she is an important thief because she sometimes help to Peter Brown.
Her name is Mary Watson, She is the most dangerous woman in many cities of England .
She has got long hair, blue eyes and big lips. She has got fair skin and sometimes she wears glasses too.
She is the fastest woman robing a bank. Peter is more dangerous than Mary, and Mary is uglier than Peter but Peter´s face is angrier than Mary´s face.
I hope the police arrest to the most famous thieves in England.

" My Anty Smoking Poster "

Hello boys and girls!
These are my two anty smoking posters.
I have created it in We Can Canvas.
In the first image, I have created a person, he has got two wings,  his color is grey like the smoke. He has got a black spot like the oil in his body. In his feet he has got a dead fly, fire, smoke and a lot of cigarettes. I used very hard words: POISON, TOXIC, CANCER, STINK, ADDICTED.
The smokers don´t think about their health and.....about the others'?

Friday, 16 September 2011

"Trick -out my Mouse"

These are my designs.
I have created in Trick-out your own mouse
In the first image, its name is Presentmouse, it has got two feet in its tiresand, a red gift bow and a megaphon and the background is a beautiful mountain.
In the second one, its name is Mousejacucci, it has got wagon wheels, hot tub, offroad lights.
In the three one, its name is Tankmouse, it has got tank treads, tank turret a nitrous tank.
In the four one, its name is Mousediabolic, it has got chrome dubz, devil horns, flashing light Bar, Devil`s tail and a pitchfork.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

"Arcimboldo Portrait"

Hello class!
This is my portrait. I have created it in Archimboldo Art Creator.
You can choose the fruits, vegetables and flowers.
After that, you move the fruits, vegetables and flowers to create the eyes, ears, nose, the mouth and the hair.
It is very easy.
Do you like my face?

"Created a Virtual House"

This is my virtual house.
It has got a bedroom, a bath, a kitchen and a living room.
I have created it in Armstrong.
In these images we can see a contemporary kitchen, an eclectic bathroom, a contemporary livingroom and an eclectic bedroom too.
I have changed the colours of the walls and the floor.
I hope you like my house.
And now I am going to create and decorate a room at IKEA Space Maker.

This is my design.
In this room ,there is a bunk beds and under it there is one black sofa, next to the bed there is a red drawer and on the wall there are some pictures.
On the wall there are two red wall shelves and on it there are some books and three trophies.
On the other wall shelves there is a cd player and some pencils. The desk is under the window and on it there are some notebooks, a diary and a computer.
In the room there is a cupboard too.
On the black floor, there are four red carpets, a guitar, a skateboard and a bag. On the wall there is a basketball too and there are two white lamps, one on the floor and one on the ceiling.
This room belongs to a very modern, casual and young person. This person play sports too and I think this person is a boy.
And...What do you think will be a boy or a girl ?

Monday, 8 August 2011

"My Giat Cheetos Pet"

These are my pets
One is a girl and the other one is a boy.
I have created them in Giat Cheetos Pet.
The first image is a male. His name is Cheetdave. He hasgot white hair and it has hot modern glasses. The background is a forest with many trees.
In the second one, is a female. Her name is Cheetmary. She has got red glasses and black hair. Her lips are red.
The blackground it is gotic with vamps.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

"My Virtual Crush"

Click on the image to create yours

Hello Bloggers !
How are you?
In this post, I want to introduce my virtual crush to you.
Her name is Andrea , she is 15 years old.
She has got long and curly hair, her eyes are green and she has got fair skin.
She is superfriendly, really nice and really good at maths. Plus she also likes to study and read.
Her sign is Pisces. She is always imaginative and kind.
My dream date with Elisabeth would be bowling at the bowling alley.
It would be very fun.
I love Andrea.

"Original Bags"

Hello people!
These are my paper bags.
I have created them in Fandango Bag Puppet.
It is funny, you can choose the hair, the eyes, the nose, the mouth, clothes and accesories.
In the first image, my bag is a woman.
She has got curly and pink hair, her eyes are brown and her lips are red. She always wears a pink shirt.
In the second one, my bag is a man.
He has got curly and black hair, his eyes are grey and he has got a moustache and beard. He always wears a white shirt, a tie and a grey jacket.
Do you like my human bags?

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

"My Tate Kids Collection"

Hello class!
These are my two pictures.
I have colored them in this page Tate Kids- Colour Colour.
You can choose the picture, after that you choose the palette and paint your picture.
You can put a frame and you have completed your picture .
Think you are a painter for a moment.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

"Eastern Eggs for Japan"

I have made this eggs thinking of Japan, because Easter eggs are the Symbol of a new life and now, Japan needS to begin a new life after the tsunami.
You can buy one of the eggs and you are donating that money to Japan.
I have chosen these four eggs, each one is designed by a diferent person.
The first one is designed by Kristina Litten.
The second one is designed by Paul Pateman.
The third one is designed by Tony Riff.
The fourth one is designed by Yehrin Tong.
You can buy one of these eggs in Eastern-Eggs

Friday, 8 July 2011

"The Fitting room"

This is my design in Levis RoadwearFitting Room.
This is my friend Peter. He is wearing jeans, a white shirt and a blue jacket with white sleeves.
He is wearing modern and confortable clothes, because he goes to college every day and he needs to be very confortable.
Do you like my new friend Peter?
 He is very cool.

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

"The Olimpic Mascots"

Hello boys and girls!
These are my mascots for the next London Olimpic Games .
 I have created them in 2012 London Mascots .
You can choose the colour, the clothes and accessories.
In the first picture, he is a boy and he won the gold medal at the Olimpic Games in Italy.
He is a good swimmer. He comes from Germany.
In the second one she is a girl, and she is an important athlete in Spain. She comes from France but she was born in Morocco.
Do you like my mascots?

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

"Created a super motorbike"

Hi motorbike's fans,
This is my customized motorbike.
The motorbike is black, white and red.
It's the fastest motorbike in the world.
Go to Pimp my Bike to create yours.

"My customized Ford"

This is my Ford Focus. It is customized.I's got a very big exhaust.
It has got a flame,a spoiler,calipers, lights and very big wheels.
It's very fast. It has got powerful brake rotors.
Its colour is orange!
Do you like the car!!!
I have created this car in Created a ride

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Created a muppet whatnot

Hello people!
These are my new virtual friends.
I have created a collage with their photos at picnik.
In the first photo you can see my friend Alice. She likes the flowers, the sun, the peace, the music and she loves the nature too.
She doesn't like smoking because she is a healthy person.
She is a hippie and she wears clothes of many colours.
In the second one is my friend Rafa, he works in an important restaurant, he is a waiter. He is responsible for the dining room at breakfast time.
He wears tie and an elegant jacket.
In the third one is my friend Frederic, he likes traveling, he is a very fun person. He likes going to parties and meeting a lot of people.
He wears a colour shirt.
He works in a travel agency.
In the fourth one is my friend Carol, she likes dancing and singing.
She studies music at the Official Music School.
She participates in musicals. She wears a brilliant dress.
These are my friends and I have created them in Muppet Whatnot.

Created a green lanter

Hello boys and girls.
This is my avatar of  Green Lantern.
I have created my avatar at Green Lantern Character Creator.
Her name is Yamisha.
Yamisha has got a white or grey head and green, black body.
Her arms are very strong but her legs are very weak.
She has got vampire wings and many powers.
She lives in another planet with her friends and family but in holidays she comes to our planet.
Goodbye friends.

Monday, 20 June 2011

Alex's island

This is my island, its name is Alex's island.
To create a new island visit Isle of Tune.
It has got three cars, thirteen houses, twenty plants and four lights.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

"Created a Nissan Juke"

Hi car fans,
This is my Nissan Juke.
Its colours are white, red and grey.
It's the fastest car in the world.
Go to Nissan Juke Studio to create yours.

"Hawaiian Rabbid"

Hi friends,
This is my rabbid.
It has got a moustache, a lot of flowers and white pants.
It is the most beautiful rabbid in the world.
Do you like my rabbid?
Can you create a new rabbid in You as a Rabbid.

Monday, 13 June 2011

"Works of Art

Hi boys and girls,
They are my masterpieces.
You can create new masterpieces in Mutapic and a collage in Picnik.
The picture number one has got a purple face. The title is "Face".
And the second picture has got a red flower. Its title is "Stars in the sky".

"Created a monster"

Hi boys and girls,
This is my monster. It's a devil.
Its colour is orange.
It is a dangerous monster.
It is disgusting, terrifying, destructive, cruel and smelly.
I have created my monster in Playnormous.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

"Gnomeo and Juliet"

Hi friends,
These are my gnomes Gnomeo and Juliet.
Gnomeo's eyes are bigger than Juliet's eyes.
Juliet's hair is longer than Gnomeo's hair.
Gnomeo's nose is fatter than Juliet's nose.
And Juliet is nicer than Gnomeo. Hee hee hee.

I have created these gnomes at Gnome & Juliet.

And I made the collage at

"The costomized car"

Hi friends,
This is my costomized car.
It is a Pagani Zonda.
It has got very big  wheels, a flame, a spolier and moderns lights.
Its colour is orange.
Do you like my car? Then, go to Tune & Race: Convertible Supercar  and create your car.

"The story"

Hi boys and girls!
This is my my scene and story from Mekanism.

There are two people: a man and a girl.
They are on a Caribbean beach.
The boy's name is Rafa and the girl's name is Sofía.
Rafa thinks that he is very happy with Sofía.
Rafa is wearing a pink flowered shirt and grey trousers.
He isn't wearing any shoes because he's on the beach.
Sofía is behind and what is she thinking?
I don't know.

Do you like my story?