Sunday, 14 August 2011

"Arcimboldo Portrait"

Hello class!
This is my portrait. I have created it in Archimboldo Art Creator.
You can choose the fruits, vegetables and flowers.
After that, you move the fruits, vegetables and flowers to create the eyes, ears, nose, the mouth and the hair.
It is very easy.
Do you like my face?

"Created a Virtual House"

This is my virtual house.
It has got a bedroom, a bath, a kitchen and a living room.
I have created it in Armstrong.
In these images we can see a contemporary kitchen, an eclectic bathroom, a contemporary livingroom and an eclectic bedroom too.
I have changed the colours of the walls and the floor.
I hope you like my house.
And now I am going to create and decorate a room at IKEA Space Maker.

This is my design.
In this room ,there is a bunk beds and under it there is one black sofa, next to the bed there is a red drawer and on the wall there are some pictures.
On the wall there are two red wall shelves and on it there are some books and three trophies.
On the other wall shelves there is a cd player and some pencils. The desk is under the window and on it there are some notebooks, a diary and a computer.
In the room there is a cupboard too.
On the black floor, there are four red carpets, a guitar, a skateboard and a bag. On the wall there is a basketball too and there are two white lamps, one on the floor and one on the ceiling.
This room belongs to a very modern, casual and young person. This person play sports too and I think this person is a boy.
And...What do you think will be a boy or a girl ?

Monday, 8 August 2011

"My Giat Cheetos Pet"

These are my pets
One is a girl and the other one is a boy.
I have created them in Giat Cheetos Pet.
The first image is a male. His name is Cheetdave. He hasgot white hair and it has hot modern glasses. The background is a forest with many trees.
In the second one, is a female. Her name is Cheetmary. She has got red glasses and black hair. Her lips are red.
The blackground it is gotic with vamps.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

"My Virtual Crush"

Click on the image to create yours

Hello Bloggers !
How are you?
In this post, I want to introduce my virtual crush to you.
Her name is Andrea , she is 15 years old.
She has got long and curly hair, her eyes are green and she has got fair skin.
She is superfriendly, really nice and really good at maths. Plus she also likes to study and read.
Her sign is Pisces. She is always imaginative and kind.
My dream date with Elisabeth would be bowling at the bowling alley.
It would be very fun.
I love Andrea.

"Original Bags"

Hello people!
These are my paper bags.
I have created them in Fandango Bag Puppet.
It is funny, you can choose the hair, the eyes, the nose, the mouth, clothes and accesories.
In the first image, my bag is a woman.
She has got curly and pink hair, her eyes are brown and her lips are red. She always wears a pink shirt.
In the second one, my bag is a man.
He has got curly and black hair, his eyes are grey and he has got a moustache and beard. He always wears a white shirt, a tie and a grey jacket.
Do you like my human bags?

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

"My Tate Kids Collection"

Hello class!
These are my two pictures.
I have colored them in this page Tate Kids- Colour Colour.
You can choose the picture, after that you choose the palette and paint your picture.
You can put a frame and you have completed your picture .
Think you are a painter for a moment.